Updated: 2023 May 23.

Dale Porter’s Sub Solution Review: Versatile Synthetic Urine at a Reasonable Price

Harry Olson, Edwin Manion and Dale Porter
PMID: 7613017616 DOI: 10.1s7610072761

Hey there! I’m Dale Porter, and I’ve been using medical marijuana to manage the pain I’ve been dealing with since I broke a bone.

My employer is pretty strict with their drug testing policies, so I need to pass these tests on a regular basis if I want to keep my job.

That’s why I took it upon myself to research different ways to pass drug tests and share what I find with all of you.

Today, I’m going to give you the lowdown on Sub Solution synthetic urine, a product that’s been a lifesaver for me and might just be the answer you’re looking for.

sub solution synthetic urine

As someone who’s actually been in your shoes, you can count on me to give you an honest, no-nonsense review of Sub Solution synthetic urine.

Who’s It For?

Sub Solution is a versatile solution for anyone in need of a synthetic urine product. It doesn’t matter if you’re an occasional user or a heavy smoker; this synthetic urine has your back.

Plus, it’s easy on the wallet, making it a great choice for those who want to tackle a drug test without breaking the bank.

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What Sets Sub Solution Apart?

Sub Solution is hands down the top synthetic urine formula out there.

Here’s what makes it so special:

Real Deal Look and Smell: This urine looks and smells just like the real stuff, so it’ll breeze through that first lab check.

sub solution synthetic urine in a cup

Aces All Validity Checks: Sub Solution is crafted to pass every validity test drug labs throw at it.

Biocide-Free: No biocide means labs won’t be able to tell it’s synthetic.

Patented Heat Activator: The included heat activator lets you get the urine to the right temp in a flash.

sub solition heat activator powder

Temperature Strip: The attached temp strip makes it simple to see if the urine’s at the right heat.

temperature strip with temperature reading

Switch Flow Spout: The spout means you won’t have to unscrew the cap when it’s go-time.

Leakproof Bottle: No leaks, so you won’t have any messy surprises in your pocket.

Compact Bottle: It’s a cinch to hide this little bottle on your body, like between your legs or in your bra.

sub solition heat activator powder

Powdered: The powdered formula means it stores with ease.

Double Up: With enough for two tests, you’ll be covered for a while.

Unisex: Guys and gals alike can use this product.

The Drawbacks

The main downside to Sub Solution is that you’ll need some clean water and about five minutes to get the urine ready. But considering how effective and reliable this product is, that’s a small price to pay.

Another aspect of Sub Solution that I find less than ideal is the quality of the urine powder container’s cap.

When I open the container, I’ve noticed that some powder tends to spill out, which can be a bit frustrating.

sub solution powdered urine vial

The Main Reason People Fail Using Fake Urine

The biggest reason people flunk a drug test with synthetic urine is because it’s either too cold or too hot. That’s where the temp comes in (usually 90-100°F). If it’s not within that range, the lab will know something’s up.

That’s why Sub Solution includes a temperature strip and heat activator. Just use the activator to heat the urine, then check the temp strip to make sure you’re good to go.

Heat Activator Powder: Why It’s the Top Choice

The heat activator powder is the game-changing component that sets Sub Solution apart. Here’s why it beats other heating methods:

  • Heat pads take at least an hour to warm up the urine.
  • Microwaves are messy and unpredictable.
  • The heat activator powder puts you in control, letting you nail the perfect temp.

Sub Solution (and its sibling, Quick Luck) are the only fake urine products that use heat activator powder.

Sub Solution vs. Quick Luck

sub solution vs quick luck

Quick Luck has a slightly more complex formula compared to Sub Solution. However, they are essentially identical and can withstand the same level of scrutiny during drug tests.

One significant advantage of Quick Luck is that it’s premixed, eliminating the need to find filtered water and mix it with the powder.

This makes it ideal for short-notice, on-the-spot drug testing—perfect for keeping in your work locker or vehicle.

Additionally, Quick Luck comes with a pair of heat pads. While not necessary with heat activator powder, these can be used to maintain a slightly warmer temperature, making it quicker for the heat activator powder to reach the desired level.

Despite these benefits of Quick Luck, I personally prefer Sub Solution because it’s more affordable and still gets the job done effectively. The heat pads included with Quick Luck may seem like an advantage, but in reality, the heat activator powder in Sub Solution renders them unnecessary.

Sub Solution vs. Quick Fix

Quick Fix is the budget option for synthetic urine. Here’s how it stacks up against Sub Solution:

  • Quick Fix costs $30 for a 3 oz size, enough for one use.
  • Sub Solution runs $90 but has enough urine for two tests.
  • Quick Fix has a basic formula that can pass standard scrutiny, but might not fare as well against physical or chemical tests compared to Sub Solution.
  • Quick Fix comes with a heat pad, requiring a microwave to preheat the sample or relying on the heat pad, which can take an hour and be less reliable.
  • The price of Quick Fix is attractive, making it the best choice if nothing else is available or if you’re shopping locally.

In conclusion, Sub Solution backed by the powerful heat activator powder, is the product to go for if you can afford it.

What’s Inside the Package

Every Sub Solution package equips you with all the essentials for a seamless experience:

  • a vial of powdered synthetic urine,
  • heat activator powder,
  • a mixing container with a spout cap,
  • a temperature strip, and clear instructions.

The all-inclusive kit ensures ease of use and top-notch results.

Sub Solution Instructions: A Simple Guide

sub solution synthetic urine instructions

Using Sub Solution synthetic urine is a breeze. There’s no need to preheat, mess with microwaves, or struggle with heat pads.

Start by mixing Sub Solution with filtered or clean bottled water (avoid tap water as it may contain elements not usually found in urine).

Fill the bottle to the marked line and gently shake until the powder dissolves entirely.

Next, stash the bottle in your underwear or use a leg belt for added convenience.

Keep it secure and discreet by wearing baggy pants and a loose shirt.

Before heading into the drug testing facility, get the heat activator powder ready.

Gently shake the container to loosen the powder.

Pour roughly one-third of the heat activator powder into the vial of synthetic urine and shake gently until it dissolves.

Keep an eye on the temperature strip. If the temperature doesn’t rise, add more powder bit by bit until you see a reading. Aim for a temperature as close to 100°F as possible without going over.

Where to Buy: Choose Wisely

When buying Sub Solution synthetic urine, always opt for the Test Negative website. This guarantees you get the real deal at the best price.

Be cautious of counterfeits on sites like Amazon and eBay. Priced at $85 for Sub Solution and $100 for Quick Luck, these are the cream of the crop in synthetic urine products.

Remember, you get what you pay for, so investing in a premium product like Sub Solution boosts your odds of acing that drug test.

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In conclusion, as someone who has experienced the challenges of passing drug tests while using medical marijuana, I believe that Sub Solution synthetic urine is the most versatile option available at a reasonable price.

Its realistic appearance, effectiveness, and reliability, combined with the unique heat activator powder, make it a top choice for a stress-free experience.

The comprehensive kit and easy-to-follow instructions cater to users’ needs, ensuring the highest chances of success.

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