Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria

MMUCC Training

This training content covers the MMUCC Data Elements Collected at the Scene. It can be accessed from the menus below by using (1) an Alphabetical List of the elements in the site or (2) an index of elements from the guideline organized into the Crash, Vehicle, and Person sub-groups as in the manual hard-copy.

Each menu bar can be expanded or closed by clicking on the section of interest. Each menu bar can be expanded or closed by clicking on the section of interest.

Additionally, the data elements are grouped into element modules that can be accessed from the “Data Elements” menu bar at the top of the page.

This navigation groups the elements into modules that focus on related topics. At the top, right under the photo there is a quick navigation panel listing the “4th Edition Modified Data Elements”.

These are elements that are new or that have new attributes from the 3rd Edition of MMUCC. Please visit the “Help Section” on the right to review the features available on the individual element screens.

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Alphabetical List of All MMUCC Elements
MMUCC Element
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Alcohol Test
Bus Use
Cargo Body Type**
Case Identifier
Condition at Time of Crash
Contributing Circumstances, Environment
Contributing Circumstances, Motor Vehicle
Contributing Circumstances, Road
Crash City/Place (political jurisdiction)
Crash Classification
Crash County
Crash Date and Time
Crash Location
Date of Birth
Direction of Travel Before Crash
Driver Actions at Time of Crash
Driver Distracted By
Driver License Jurisdiction
Driver License Number, Class, CDL and Endorsements**
Drug Test
Emergency Motor Vehicle Use
First Harmful Event
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating / Gross Combination Weight Rating**
Hazardous Materials (Cargo Only)**
Hit and Run
Injury Status
Law Enforcement Suspects Alcohol Use
Law Enforcement Suspects Drug Use
Light Condition
Location of First Harmful Event Relative to the Trafficway
Manner of Crash / Collision Impact
Most Harmful Event for this Motor Vehicle
Motor Carrier Identification**
Motor Vehicle Body Type Category
Motor Vehicle License Plate Number
Motor Vehicle Make
Motor Vehicle Maneuver/Action
Motor Vehicle Model
Motor Vehicle Model Year
Motor Vehicle Posted/Statutory Speed Limit
Motor Vehicle Registration State and Year
Motor Vehicle Unit Type and Number
Name of Person Involved
Non-Motorist Action/Circumstance Prior to Crash
Non-Motorist Actions/Circumstances at Time of Crash
Non-Motorist Location at Time of Crash
Non-Motorist Number
Non-Motorist Safety Equipment
Occupant’s Motor Vehicle Unit Number
Person Type
Relation to Junction
Restraint Systems / Motorcycle Helmet Use
Roadway Alignment and Grade
Roadway Surface Condition
School Bus-Related
Seating Position
Sequence of Events
Source of Information
Special Function of Motor Vehicle in Transport
Speeding Related
Total Lanes in Roadway
Total Occupants in Motor Vehicle
Towed Due to Disabling Damage
Traffic Control Device Type
Trafficway Description
Transported to First Medical Facility By
Type of Intersection
Unit Number of Motor Vehicle Striking Non-Motorist
Vehicle Configuration**
Vehicle Damage
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Violation Codes
Weather Conditions
Work Zone – Related (Construction/Maintenance/Utility)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2023

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Tuesday, November 8, 2023

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Tuesday, December 13, 2023

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LaJuene Desmukes, Director Office of Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization

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